Warehouses are abandoned buildings that have no real use after obtaining, but can be replaced. They often have food stored in them, making it effective to scavenge from.

Appearance Edit

Their appearance is three gray-brownish long houses with a net fence in Rebuild 2.

Use Edit

Scavenge the warehouse before reclaiming it,-- it will offer a better chance to find gears,weapons and food supplies. In Rebuild you can change the building into a Bar, School and a Farm. In Rebuild 2 you can change the building into an Apartment, a Bar, Hospital, School or Laboratory.

Buildings in Rebuild 2
Structural Locations FarmBig FarmSuburbApartmentMotelTrailer ParkPolice StationLaboratorySchoolHospitalChurchBar
Convertible Locations MallAll MartWarehouseRubbleMcNoodlesGroceryParking LotPawn StoreParkFieldOffice8-12 martXXOR Gas
Objective Locations HeliportCity HallSubwayBankGraveyard

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