My name's Eleven as on Kongregate, where i first played the second part of this series back in 2016. It exited me because of its role-playing elements and its many riddles. As i was searching around the web for some answers, i became attentive to a german-speaking counterpart of this Wikia. Shortly after (still on research), i tuned in to this one.

Unfortunately, i wasn't able to find the things i was looking for because this wiki was in a bad shape. Nobody was. Sites who should have been deleted since years were still candidates and you weren't able to find anything specific unless it was one of the most visited sites or you were lucky to find something useful at the "random page"- option. That was the point when i jumped in and had requested for adminship in order to change this.

But me working as a stand-alone isn't really enough to reach the necessary improvement. I prefer to do something on navigation, small changes or something about artwork; because longer articles wouldn't  be spelled correctly and wouldn't have the word-plays i wish for if i do them on my own.

So i look around after a "partnership" right now.  Maybe somebody with English as a main language.

If you are interested in being an admin here and you're close to fit into the official requirements in order to gain it which are :

* You have been edited content pages for at least 7 days.

* The messages you have left on talk pages are at least somewhat friendly and you aren't currently blocked on another wikia.

* You Have made at least 50 edits. The more, the better.

* You have been created at least one new page.

* You haven't adopted another wiki since at least 30 days

... then feel free to leave me a message below or leave me a private message on my Kongregate-profile, if you prefer.

Cheers to you all!

--Eleven03 (talk) 17:00, July 15, 2017 (UTC)

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