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Screenshot 11

Image of a suburb in Rebuild 2

Suburb is a building where survivors live in. They are needed if you want more survivors to be able to live in your city. The city gets +3 survivor space, when a Suburb is built or conquered from Zombies. In Rebuild 1 it holds 3 survivors and in Rebuild 2 it holds 2.

Building Description: Edit

- "Ah, suburbia, where your biggest worry was the quality of your lawn. Nice homes for 2 of our survivors to live in."

Replacement Edit

You can replace suburbs with a small Farm.

Other use Edit

Suburbs can sometimes be used by survivors as where they regain strength and heal completely, however lots of diseases, bites from zombies and sickness CANNOT be treated, if severe health problems has attacked one of your survivors you'll be needing a Hospital

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