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Wiki Rules:

This are the rules that Visitors and Editors must follow

  • No Vandalism
  • No Cussing or Swearing in Comments
  • No Adding of Nonsense Articles
  • No Bullying
  • No Insulting in Comments

Doing the Following things below will get you blocked or demoted, depending on the severity of it

  • If you vandalize
  • If you start fights and/or be rude for no reason
  • If you add nonsense pages / categories
  • If you swear or cuss
  • If you bully
  • If you start unwanted rumors

Chat Rules:

These are the rules to follow while in Rebuild Discord chat

  • No Swearing or Cussing
  • No Harassing
  • No Insulting
  • No Scamming
  • No Fighting
  • Don't tell your personal info (Like House Address or real life name)
  • No Bullying

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