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Police Station were the main head quarters of cops, due to being overwhelmed by zombies and loss of cops during the
Police Station2

Rebuild 2

zombie apocalypse it was abandoned and left. It adds some defense and gives to nominate guard duties in defending the fort.

Building Description Edit

- "Police stations add 25 defense to the fort, and are where soldiers do guard duty." (Rebuild)
- "Police stations add 15 defense to the fort, and are where soldiers do guard duty." (Rebuild 2)

Use Edit

Every station permanently adds 25 (Rebuild) or 15 (Rebuild 2) defence to your base.

In Rebuild you have to assign survivors for guard duty here. This mission lasts until you cancel it. A Soldier on guard duty adds 15 defense, any other survivar adds 5 defense.

In Rebuild 2 you can assign people for guard duty, but idle survivors left at your fort without any task will defend it, as if he were on guard duty.

Survivors will only learn the Offense skill by defending when an actual attack happens.

In Rebuild 2 you can launch the attack on the Last Judgement Gang from any Police Station or a fortified Mall/All Mart, after unlocking this Ending.

Appearance Edit

The Police Station's appearance is a small, blue building with one red flag, a large open gateway, a orange pathway leading into the station, unused police vehicles and a large, white sign that says POLICE in the middle of the building.

Replacements Edit

Police Station CANNOT be replaced by other buildings.

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