Hospital is a building where injured survivors can be brought for healing and curing of their diseases and virus. It is especially when getting

reclaimed hopsital

stronger in the game as sometimes normal resting at a house won't heal the survivor's wounds.

Building Description Edit

- "This hospital can save people from disease and death. We don't need a dedicated doctor, just having space and supplies here is enough."

Use Edit

The hospital's use is to heal injured survivors/patients. It can heal lots of kinds of diseases and virus but it can't heal all of them, as other diseases such as the "Teeth Disease" that is reported that other survivors died from their teeth falling.

Replacements Edit

The Hospital can be replaced into a Apartment, Bar, School and Laboratory. Other buildings can be changed into hospitals too.

Buildings in Rebuild 2
Structural Locations FarmBig FarmSuburbApartmentMotelTrailer ParkPolice StationLaboratorySchoolHospitalChurchBar
Convertible Locations MallAll MartWarehouseRubbleMcNoodlesGroceryParking LotPawn StoreParkFieldOffice8-12 martXXOR Gas
Objective Locations HeliportCity HallSubwayBankGraveyard

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