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Horde Attacks frequently happens any time through out the game. They mostly form in the Black Like Fog. They are combined zombies, they can be encountered in all of the games (Rebuild 1, 2 and 3). They can never be neutralized when they are lurking and getting close to your base, as they are the one who is going to try and destroy and overwhelm your fort. If the players fail, they will destroy and claim buildings. When that happens, they leave behind a small amount of zombies. After the horde attacks your fort, regardless if they win or loss, they disappear completely.

Rebuild Rebuild II Rebuild Mobile
Rebuild1 Horde Attack

Rebuild one

Rebuild II Zombie Horde Img JPG.

Rebuild II

Mobile Horde

Mobile horde


It usually takes place as a random event, right at the beginning of a new day. Every Zed from a neighboring field will attack The amount of surrounding zombies will be reduced accordingly to the number of Zombies have been killed.

A horde attack can be caused as well by a swarm of zombies more distant. During a mission which leads to an ending, for example. In this case, they can be located with a caution sign on the map. Day by day this sign moves straight towards the safety zone. In the night of the attack, the surrounding zombies join force with them.

Screenshot 26

sucess zombie horde 3

Reb2mob horde success
Screenshot 25

succes zombie horde 2

Screenshot 24

sucess horde attack 1

Screenshot 30

failed zombie horde 8

Screenshot 22

failed horde attack 4

Screenshot 28

failed zombie horde 2

Screenshot 23

failed horde attack 3

Screenshot 19

failed horde attack 7

Screenshot 27

failed horde 5

Screenshot 8

failed horde 6

Horde attack victim

Trivia Edit

  • Zombie Hordes can cancel tasks, if the survivor ONLY retreats
  • Not just one building they can overwhelm but two or more (Depends only if you are low on defense)
Buildings in Rebuild 2
Structural Locations FarmBig FarmSuburbApartmentMotelTrailer ParkPolice StationLaboratorySchoolHospitalChurchBar
Convertible Locations MallAll MartWarehouseRubbleMcNoodlesGroceryParking LotPawn StoreParkFieldOffice8-12 martXXOR Gas
Objective Locations HeliportCity HallSubwayBankGraveyard

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