Happiness is an emotion showed through the game. When you have no food left, your survivors will experience tough hunger and pain, making them sad and hurt. To prevent must always make them happy by collecting lots of food giving for them to eat. Their is a happiness meter above the game, the highest it could reach is 100% as well the lowest it can reach is 0%. When arrived at 45% - 25% reports are people claiming to experience sadness and pain and are becoming emotional, by that they could simply die or turn into one of the infected.

How do you gain Happiness ? Edit

You gain them whenever a good or enjoyable event happens within the fort, is what makes them happy. Of course there are different kinds of ways to gain one, but the easiest is earning or collecting massive amounts of food.

How do I loose Happiness ? Edit

You loose Happiness whenever one intense and horrifying event appears/happens. Mostly the first is loosing tons of food. You don't need to worry that much as you can gain or receive it again.


Report :

Illness Strikes

Something bad is happening around *NAME OF CITY*. People get fevers, won't eat, and can't stop pooping. if we had a hospital we wouldn't loose *NAME OF SURVIVOR(S)*.

Gained Items :

+ 1 Dead & - 5 Happiness

Buildings in Rebuild 2
Structural Locations FarmBig FarmSuburbApartmentMotelTrailer ParkPolice StationLaboratorySchoolHospitalChurchBar
Convertible Locations MallAll MartWarehouseRubbleMcNoodlesGroceryParking LotPawn StoreParkFieldOffice8-12 martXXOR Gas
Objective Locations HeliportCity HallSubwayBankGraveyard

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