Food is the main resource in the game. If you don't have food, then events like "Starvation" will trigger, leading to fall of happiness and survivors leaving your fort.

Each survivor consumes one food per day. You can get food in a lot of ways, including :

  • Scavenging from buildings
  • By farms and big farms
  • trading unused equipment with Gustav
  • Random events like "Good Season" (Only can be triggered when there is a farm on the fort)
  • Reclaiming buildings with food still on it (Will get only half of it)
  • Etc...

You can also lose food by:

  • Survivors eating
  • Random events like "Blight"
  • Gustav's Love Caravan (Only if you decide to use it)

When any person scavenges food,they gain the "Scavenge" ability which helps him to get more food on a scavenging mission and more chance of finding equipment. Also, when scavenging, there is a chance you may win +5 happiness (Finding a cellar in a house, for example)

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