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Escape the City Edit

To gain this ending, you must first find and reclaim the Heliport. After conquering the field, you find a destroyed helicopter, and it's your job to make him ready for use again.

After reclaiming the field, you can speed up the process of getting this ending by:

  • Getting a survivor to read "Helicopter Repair for Morons". Instead of "A Cultural History of Zombies" in a scripted random event, which would produce a new self-acclaimed preacher.
  • Getting the Helicopter Rotor Hub from Gustav The Trader in a scripted random event. Instead of the "cure" for the zombie plague, which is a fake.
  • Researching electricity at the laboratory.
  • Decline to use the gas for a flamethrower (absolutely!).
  • Scavenging a Mall (not an All Mart)
  • Recruiting the scripted survivor 'Bob Bila' from a farm/big farm nearby the heliport.

It's likely but unsure if interrogating the saboteur (<--- he was it!) will speed it up too.

A certain time will pass, until enough conditions are met. You will be informed when you are able to rebuild the destroyed helicopter.

You don't have to begin straight away with the repairing. Rather prepare yourself for some horde attacks in your undermanned fort, in case that they can spawn from somewhere. This takes a minimum of 5 days, depending on the building level and the amount of survivors who are working on.

After this ending Edit

You'll see a short scene showing your test flight.

All un-scouted tiles become fully visible..

You will be able to send 5 equipped survivors to a new city.

Draft a Constitution Edit

You have to recapture the City Hall, which will always be overrun by 100 zombies. It is usually located at the western border on the map, check the corners.
City Hall

City hall

Additionally, you have to reclaim a certain number of squares. The amount only depends on the map size, which is 25 for "small", 30 for "typical", 50 for "big" and 75 for "huge". It cannot be reached on the so-called "giant" map.

You should raise your general happiness to at least 50, if required.

If this is done, all that it needs is to send five survivors in for 10 days to draft the new constitution. No matter who does it, leadership wont speed up the process at all or will make anything better. Which can certainly be understood as a dig on politics.

If the process will be interrupted at any point, you ll have to go for another 10 days. While drafting the Constitution you will be attacked by endless zombie hordes, unless you have gained enough squares to prevent that.

After this ending Edit

You will be rewarded with a short scene of an article who writes about your new constitution.

Your happiness raises up to +55, so it will be maxed.

You will be able to send up to 5 equipped survivors on a mission to reclaim another city. You will be on your own though, the city will NOT send any additional help AT ALL if you do this.

Defeat the Last Judgement Gang Edit

Rather self explanatory. To gain this ending, you must defeat the Last Judgement Gang. I guess the zombies weren't so important after all....

You can shorten the wait until you are able to attack them, if you are:

  • Subway
    Collaborating with the Riffs in general.
  • Letting the Last Judgement Gang's escaped prisoner tell her story (requires 3 food)
  • Rescuing Northway after researching radio at the lab.
  • Capturing the Subway.
  • Pursuing the Last Judgement member to their hide in the woods.
  • Allowing the bartender to open a casino, which slows down the process of the cure.
  • Allow Zombie cage fights-

When the time has come to attack them, it is opted to ask the Riffs for help. It depends on the contact with them whether they been asked directly or indirectly. Surprisingly, this won't make the attack any easier. Maybe they'll doing it anyway ...

You can launch your attack on them anytime from any defensive building (Police Station, Fortified Malls, Subway). This requires several high level soldiers to succeed. The amount of danger of your attack is shown, so it's a tightly structured risk. The earlier you start this mission, the easier it is - but you will have fewer free soldiers to send to war.

While attacking the Last Judgement Gang, you will be attacked by endless zombie hordes, unless you have gained the "Reclaim the City" ending.

After this ending Edit

The Last Judgement Gang will be no longer, so there won't be any raids of them against you anymore.

If Northway has been rescued, the potential saboteur will be no longer active.

Five woman that were slaves will join you. Even if you have no spare room.

Find the Cure Edit

To gain this ending, you must allow Dr. Bryukhonenko access to the fort.

Researching in secret

He will show up straight after the beginning of the second research, at the latest. As soon as you let him in, he will take over your lab, and begins a mission with an infinite time span. As the you perform your own research (in a different lab, of course), his research will progress faster. But, even if no research is performed, he will ask for one of your scientists to join him as an "assistant". If you refuse, 7 days later on he will ask for another once again.

You can speed up the process of gaining this ending by these actions, compelling conditions are boldly written:

action side-effect
Asylum for the doctor -1 available lab, -1 food per day, he won't become a potential saboteur.
Allow him to take an assistant -1 available survivor, -1 food per day
Samples request/Horde research Survivors have to be placed in front of an upcoming horde if asked, they won't take any harm during the operation.
Banning the book "The Zombie Condition". Relinquishing on +10 happiness, the church will develop slower.
Researches to determinate Zombies/Anti-Venom. See laboratory
Refuse the opening of a casino at the Bar. Relinquishing on +5 happiness, a closer contact to the Riffs will not be given (slows down "defeat the Last Judgement Gang").
Donating him a dog who died during an operation outside the fort. Dog, -10 happiness.

Note : It is unclear, if refusing "zombie cage fights" at the police station helps as well. You would gain +10 happiness otherwise.

If enough conditions are met, an explosion will occur at the lab he has taken over, and a scouting mission has to be performed. You will find that he and the scientist you sent him are dead, and the lab is taken by some zombies. Your scouting team will locate the doctor's research notes. It isn't necessary to kill the zombies for gaining the notes.

Once the research notes have been translated, you can begin the research for a cure.

This research takes 10 days at best; if the scientists working on are well enough qualified. While researching the cure, you will be attacked by endless zombie hordes if they have a place to spawn. If the research will be interrupted, you won't have to start over again as on the other endings. It will take a minimum of 5 days to complete.

After this ending Edit



You will be rewarded with a short scene showing the reversement of an infected in timelapse.

You will be immune to the infection.

In the medium term you will experience a perceptible decline of the new-infected.

Hordes won't appear anymore, except while attacking/drafting/rebuilding to achieve another end if they have a place to spawn.

Embrace the Zombie Plague Edit

To get this ending you will need the Church of the Chosen Ones in your city. After about 2 weeks the author of "The Zombie Condition" will write a second book called "Zombies are people too" and will want to open a church based on the beliefs withing the book. Allow the leader to do so. Then reclaim the big graveyard.

Note: the Church will every so often ask for 30 food for "Dia Del Los Muertos" (Day of the Dead in Spanish). Presumably the day of the dead may substitute the reclaiming of the big graveyard.

After some time and a few events pertaining to the church...

The following is the last chance to prevent the church, after this it will be permanent.

... some dissidents will fail to join the congregation. Punish them.

After punishing the dissidents, your population will slowly start to kill themselves by letting themselves become zombies (the chosen ones). This will happen at a rate of one per day, 3 out of 4 days approximately. On the days that people kill themselves the population will spend the entire day celebrating, which stops all work. This will slowly stop all progress you were making.

Once that everybody has died except for the protagonist and the preacher (and maybe the doctor with his assistant), a cut scene starts off with a man in a red robe who jumps off the church and becomes infected.

How to avoid this EndingEdit

Most of all - don't reclaim the big graveyard

Refuse the spreading of the books "the zombie condition", mostly "Zombies are people too" and "A cultural history of zombies" later on. 

If you prefer to conquer the whole map, then .. 
  • Don't build any churches. If reclaimed, you should replace them. Only use a bartender if required. 
  • Refuse "Dia de los Muertos" if screened. 
  • If you reclaim useless buildings, immediately change them into different ones. 

Or if they have already established themselves, you should ... 

Keep an eye at the event "dissent against the church"

You will be asked, if they can punish the two "dissidents". Dissidents from the perception of the church. Refuse it and allow them instead to throw down the suicidal cult a few days later on.

The Riffs may get involved at that point, but as far as tested that won't make any difference. Your decision is all that matters.

This last chance will kill 3 survivors and reduces happiness for 15.

Rebuild2 screenshot15

Bad Ending


This ending is in some ways both easy, and impossible. To achieve this ending either all but three of your survivors must be 'dead', or all your city blocks have been overrun by zed. A cut-scene will show zombies flooding into and overrunning your fort. Better luck next time



Rebuild Mobile additionalEdit

Cabin in the Woods Edit

When prompted to go search for your Uncle's cabin say "yes".



Gather/steal all the items as prompted.

Reclaim a bank. Store stolen food in bank several times.

Cabin ending
Send the suspicious people and the blackmailers to their dooms in dangerous missions.

When prompted start the diversion.

The fort must survive the diversion.

Reclaim the City Edit

To gain this ending, all you need to do is reclaim every tile on the map.

If you gain this ending, you will be immune to attack from zombie hordes (as they have nowhere to spawn)

Evil Cannibals Edit

NOTE: This ending is only achievable if harsh winter is active.

To get this ending you will need to run out of food. Although this is bad, the necessary events will not fire otherwise. A large group of events will occur during starvation. These are:
Evil cannibals
  • A pair of pig farmers arrive at the fort selling 'funny tasting pork'. Select yes to all four events to get the ending.
  • A survivor will die in the fort and offer to be eaten. Selecting yes will give more food and progress toward the ending.
  • A survivor will die on a mission and offer to be eaten. Selecting yes will give more food and progress toward the ending.
  • If enough conditions are met, when you recruit (a) survivor/s you can opt to eat them instead. Selecting yes will trigger the ending once the winter is over.

Once winter is over and the ending is achieved, a cut-scene will play showing a curled up human eating a cooked rib-cage. Congratulations, you are now all officially evil cannibals!

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