Welcome to the Community Corner. This page lists some things we need help with. Don't be afraid - go ahead and select one of those pages or the "contribute" button at the upper right and make a new page! Some admin will clean it up if we need to.

Pages currently needed:

  1. Background information About Rebuild developing, the developers themselves, the reception/awards or details about the gameplay for the first part.
  2. Big Graveyard and Church of the Chosen Ones . We all know about those, but nobody ever liked to write about it :o)
  3. A page listing all the differences between Rebuild 2 and Rebuild Mobile
  4. Closer information about some buildings, abilities, locations, stats etc.
  5. A strategy guide for beginners for Rebuild 2 and Rebuild Mobile. Even if it will be hard to generalize it.

Backup Required:

In fact, every site could use some improvement! So don't be shy :o)

but some of the requested backups are ..

  1. Any improvement on the most visited site Endings.
  2. Double-Checking page information, spelling and grammar.
  3. Adding information to article stubs.
  4. Differences about Rebuild Mobile on the corresponding pages.
  5. Rebuild 1 information about Survivor types <--- i'm working on it! - Eleven
  6. Infoboxes to all the Buildings (or at least where it fits)
  7. Adding marginal information about Rebuild 3 : Gangs of Deadsville <-- I'm working on it! - William
  8. Some better artwork
  9. Scripted Events in the second part <--- Though that it would be without any doubt among the best pages, i've putted it more below. Checking it will be HELL of a job - Eleven
  10. Adding templates to the appropriate page (such as
Buildings in Rebuild 2
Regular Buildings ApartmentBarBig FarmChurchFarmHospitalLaboratoryMotelPolice StationSchoolSuburbTrailer Park
Convertible Locations 8-12 martAll MartDrive-InFieldGraveyardGroceryMallMc NoodlesOfficeParkParking LotPawn StoreRubble * Warehouse * XXOR Gas
Objective Locations BankBig GraveyardCity HallHeliportSubway

to building pages). The current template above might be the wrong one for the specific site you are working on, if it doesn't fit then go ahead and feel yourself invited to make a new one. Contact one of these guys if there are questions.

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