The church is a building that raises the happiness level of your survivors. After reclaimed, it gives you an instant bonus of +5 happiness. You can also assign a survivor there to continuously raise happiness.



Building Description Edit

Some people turn to religion and others to drinking, but either way makes them happier.

Replacements Edit

This building can be replaced by Apartments,Hospital,School or a Laboratory.

Buildings in Rebuild 2
Regular Buildings ApartmentBarBig FarmChurchFarmHospitalLaboratoryMotelPolice StationSchoolSuburbTrailer Park
Convertible Locations 8-12 martAll MartDrive-InFieldGraveyardGroceryMallMc NoodlesOfficeParkParking LotPawn StoreRubble * Warehouse * XXOR Gas
Objective Locations BankBig GraveyardCity HallHeliportSubway

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