Apartments are buildings that provide homes for your fellow survivors to live in.

In Rebuild 2, an Apartment is one of your four starting buildings.

Building Description Edit

Rebuild 2 - "Adds (2 or 3) spaces for survivors to live in. Can be replaced with a church, hospital, school, or laboratory.."

Use Edit

In Rebuild every Apartment adds space for 9 survivors to your Fort.

In Rebuild 2 every Apartment adds space for 3 survivors to your Fort at the beginning (or two on difficulty levels "seriously hard" and "impossible").

There is no active ability that can be used from the Apartment building.

Buildings in Rebuild 2
Structural Locations FarmBig FarmSuburbApartmentMotelTrailer ParkPolice StationLaboratorySchoolHospitalChurchBar
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Objective Locations HeliportCity HallSubwayBankGraveyard

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